Suri Cruise isn't the only super-famous celeb kid turning six this year. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt — you know, the spawn of two of the most categorically good-looking people in Hollywood — will be six next month. And in stark contrast to Suri's affinity for heels and mini-Marc Jacobs dresses, Shiloh is known for her tomboy style and her gender-neutral self-identification. It's clear that Shiloh is just a really cool kid who dresses and acts just how she wants to. No high heels, no pressure to be fashionable. I have to admit I love that the kid of arguably the two sexiest people in Hollywood has no interest in impressing us. Take a look at Shiloh's awesome style after the cut

Shiloh rocks a short haircut and chilled-out duds. She reportedly regularly takes hand-me-downs from her older brother, Maddox. I would, too. That Ramones shirt is awesome. Shiloh's style initially sparked rumors that Angelina and Brad were making their kid dress and wear her hair like a boy, but I think those speculations died quickly, and rightfully so. She's just a kid, doing what she wants, and I dig it. Besides, the hot and lithe Angelina we see today was hardly a sex symbol her whole life. She had her fair share of fearless forays into fashion and decidedly un-femenine haircuts. And Brad? He's never been one thing, ever! The guy's style changes with his mood. The cohesive element: confidence. And this family's got it to spare.

Take a look through the gallery to see Shiloh's fashion from her short six years, and tell us:

Do you dig Shiloh's style?

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