Pink ombre hair and a gappy grin: this is Charlotte Free. If you don't know her by name, chances are you've seen her rocking Forever 21's ad campaigns lately and selling Seven For All Mankind jeans in your fashion mags. The model is rising in popularity and easy recognition due to her unique style, but her latest collaboration speaks volumes to the direction the mainstream fashion and beauty industry is heading. Her latest gig? Find out after the cut

Maybelline? Yup, the makeup brand usually known for their tame ads featuring super-beauties like Adriana Lima and Josie Maran seem to be turning over a new leaf. Perhaps the addition of Charlotte to their repertoire is an attempt to gain some traction with the younger set; and heck, they've got my attention. The secret had the twittersphere buzzing recently, as depicted in this hilarious "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say" follow-up video:
P'Trique has loose lips, but we're happy to have the news. Maybe the line will feature some bright colors to match Free's wild style? One can only hope.

What do you think of this choice for Maybelline? 

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