Yes, you read correctly. There is another pregnant woman baring it all. This time it's Alessandra Ambrosio. But it's not for a magazine cover.

The Victoria's Secret model is showing off her baby bump for a Vivara jewelry advertisement. Given the opportunity to keep working while pregnant with her second child (a boy), Alessandra couldn't pass up the offer to show off her growing body.

The shot was taken by Mert & Marcus, and Alessandra posted it to her Facebook on Sunday. It appears to be an advertisement for Vivara, a Brazilian jewelry company. After noticing her body, the jewelry does stand out.

While she took a different approach for the cover of Yo Dona magazine by appearing fully clothed, Alessandra decided to follow in many other pregnant women's footsteps for this ad by appearing naked. If you think the pose looks familiar, then you're probably remembering Demi Moore's stance back in 1991.

This trend of showing off baby bumps while pregnant seems to be getting bigger and bigger (no pun intended). Is it getting to the point where it's annoying?

What do you think of this ad? Are these naked pregnant photos getting annoying? 

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