I have always loved glass jars. While I love decorating with them and using them for parties, they also have many practical uses. Who knew they could look so nice and be so functional, too? Check out the 14 uses after the cut! 

Glass jars aren't just for the kitchen. They can be used in the bathroom, pantry and living room. Here are my 14 favorite and practical ways to use glass jars.

1. Store pasta in them
2. Store snack foods in them, such as pretzels
3. Store old buttons or sewing tools in them
4. Store color-coordinated candy in them
5. Store cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts and other bath-related items in them
6. Plant flowers in them
7. Store fruit in them
8. Store candy in them
9. Store coffee, hot chocolate or granola in them
10. Store tea/tea bags in them
11. Store bagels or cereal in them
12. Store cookies in them
13. Store baking ingredients in them, such as flour, sugar, brown sugar
14. Store donuts in them

What do you like to use glass jars for?

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