We all want them: The perfect pair of sunglasses. The pair that sets us apart and really speaks to our true personality. Well what if you want a pair (because no one but Jezebel could possibly say it any better) "if I want everyone to immediately know that I'm an idiot?"

Answer? Buy a pair of luxury Helen Keller Sunglasses.

Ok, so maybe this isn't as bad as it seems. In China, Keller is viewed as an admirable figure for overcoming her circumstances and for all of her philanthropic work. A spokesperson for the Helen Keller Foundation said the company is "aware Helen Keller was blind, but what they valued was her philanthropist spirit which spread optimism around the world."

So what better way to commemorate one of the most inspirational women in the world, who just happened to be deaf and blind? Naming a pair of sunglasses after her doesn't seem like the best choice to me — Helen Keller didn't even wear sunglasses! Especially when the tagline reads, "You see the world, the world sees you."

Lovelies, what do you think?  Would you wear Helen Keller Sunglasses?

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