Katy finally traded in her blue locks, but that doesn't stop her from grabbing everyone's attention. The newly purple-haired star exposed a lot of her chest at the ASCAP POP Music Awards, and people were worried she was going to expose too much. 

Her Temperley London gown was very elegant, which was enough to grab people's attention. But Katy took it one step further by letting her left strap hang off her shoulder. While this might seem uncomfortable for most people, it must not have been for Katy. She left the strap there the whole night, making many people nervous of a potential nip-slip.

I think she looks amazing in the dress, and I'm loving the new hair color choice. I'm not sure why Katy felt the need to look so sloppy with the strap hanging down. But somehow, she made it through the whole night without a wardrobe malfunction.

What do you think of Katy's strap hanging off her shoulder?

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