As requested from the summer up-do post, I have found some cute 'dos for girls with short hair. Just because you have short hair doesn't mean that you can't try out new styles. I found eight great ones to try. Four work well for daytime, and the other four spice things up for the evening. Check them out! 

Although my hair is no longer this short, I remember how frustrating it was to come up with new styles. That's why I decided to help out all the girls who chopped off their hair and want to try out something new.

First, I'll start with the daytime hairstyles.

1. Smooth bob with bangs For this look, make sure to have side-swept bangs. Use a flatiron with heat protector spray before and smoothing serum after. This look is all about perfection.

2. Smooth hair with headband Just like the style before, make sure to really smooth your locks. And keep fly-aways out of sight. Add a fun headband for a new look.

3. Messy waves For this look, try using a leave-in conditioner. Spray or apply the leave-in to your hair and then blow-dry your hair halfway, scrunching with your hands as you dry. Let your hair air-dry the rest of the way.

4. Side part with braid This look is easy as long as you know how to braid. Make sure to part your hair to the side so the braid is prominent. Just braid from the part outward. Use a bobby-pin to secure the braid.

Now for evening looks.

5. Voluminous hair with headband Just as with the waves, do the same half blow-dry process. But after that, take a curling iron to your hair and make some big curls. Run your fingers through the curls to get a less defined look. When you're look is soft enough, add a headband and pin any loose hairs back. Make sure to spray your locks with hairspray.

6. Side part with soft curls Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner followed by a volumizing mousse. Blow-dry your hair upside down to get mega volume. Using a small curling, curl hair from bottom to top. Once you're done curling, make sure to run your fingers through your hair. It will help give your curls that soft look.

7. Side part with flower This look is super easy. Just part your hair to the side and add a flower of your choice. You can rock this look with smooth hair, but volumized hair works better. And silk flowers last all day compared to real ones.

8. Voluminous messy style To get this look, use the same steps as with the messy waves. After that, make sure your hair is completely dry. When dry, you can use a flatiron or curling iron to style the top. You want a smooth look on top. Just make sure the ends of your hair aren't perfectly straight. You want a little bit of curl/curve to them like in the photo.

What are your favorite styles for short hair?

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