As a photographer, I am always checking out photography blogs to find tips and see what new trends are popping up. Recently, I found an article that can help not only photographers but people being photographed too. Do you think you always look frumpy in photos? Maybe your pose is the problem. Keep reading to see how to improve your posing skills. 

My favorite blog to read to learn great tips about photography is Improve Photography, and this post about posing tips really helped me so I thought I'd share. Here are five helpful portrait posing tips.

1. 2/3rds turn Never face the camera straight on, unless of course you're a slender model. Then it's ok. But most people look much better when they angle their body away from the camera. See the difference?

2. No hands Since your hands are nearly the size of your face, it's a good idea to keep them out of photos. Your face is the most important part of the portrait anyways. See what I mean?

3. Chin down For some reason, people tend to lean backwards in photos. The result: the photographer can see all of your chin and directly up your nose. Not a good combo for anyone. Make sure to keep your chin down, so the photographer can see your eyes. Looking directly at the camera really helps so the photographer can see all of your eyes. 

4. Diagonal lines Standing straight at the camera with your arms down is really boring, and it looks boring too. Turning away from the camera helps, but you still look very stiff if you have your arms at your sides. Try putting your hand on your hip to give the photos some dimension. See how much better it looks?

5. Shift weight You should always shift your weight to your back foot. This naturally puts you in a 2/3rds pose, although it can be difficult for plus-sized people. By shifting your weight to your back foot, it will align your hip and shoulder making it a more comfortable pose. See how she is all aligned?

After reading this, I must say my photography has improved. And I've looked better in photos, too. It's little things like turning away from the camera that can make a huge difference in photos.

Are you photogenic?

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