It's already swimming season here in Texas, and it has me thinking about swimsuit shopping. I never know what to look for, so I usually just go for something plain and black. I am, however, kind of into the swimwear trends this year. There is such a great variety of textures and cuts, which makes it really easy to find a swimsuit that is perfect for your bod.

I'm totally going for the vintage inspired thing this summer, it's definitely the best cut for my shape. Maybe if I'm feeling crazy I'll try on one of those monokini things just for fun.

Here are 6 trends to look for while shopping for your perfect swimsuit this season.

  • Vintage-inspired swimwear
  • Crochet Bikinis
  • Ruffle Bikinis
  • Monokinis
  • Suits with Statement Straps
  • Digital print swimwear

I've given an example of each in the slideshow, but you can see more looks and trends here.

Which of these trends are your favorite?

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