You guys asked for more organizational tips after my last post, so I’m back with some more simple organization ideas that are particularly great for small space living!

1) Use a binder clip on your nightstand to hold your cell phone recharger in place. (source)

2) When you open makeup or skincare products, write down the date on a small sticker on the bottom so you know when you should toss it. (source

3) Attach your tweezers or nail clippers to your bathroom cabinet with a magnet so you never lose them again. (source)

4) Line your kitchen cabinets with chalkboard contact paper or corkboard so you can write down things to buy, menus, pin recipes, etc. (source)

5) Add a magnet strip to the inside of your bathroom cabinet to store bobby pins. (source)

6) Free up valuable kitchen drawer space by putting all your saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc. in a magazine holder so you can store it upright in a cabinet. (source)

7) Store wrapping paper in your closet ceiling. (source)

8) Store extra screws, nuts, and bolts in between packing tape and label with a Sharpie so you don’t lose them. (source)

9) Scan all your keychain barcodes, laminate them, and put them on one card. (source)

10) Use bread ties to organize your cords. (source)

11) Use inexpensive crown molding to store your heels in your closet. (source)

12) Use magazine holders to store bagged frozen foods. (source)

13) Cut up a shoe holder and attach it to the inside of your bathroom cabinet for extra storage. Remember you can use a shoe holder to store anything from rechargers to cleaning supplies… the possibilities are endless. (source)

14) Add velcro to a dish towel so that it doesn’t slip. (source)

Would you use any of these organizational tips to help organize your life?