I am part of a sorority at my college.  All bad stereotypes aside, it is by far the best decision I have made since I started my college career, and I don't think it would be possible for me to love it more.  Because of this, when given the opportunity last fall, I joined my sorority's executive board.  What this means is that I hold a vice president position on our chapter's council, and am in charge of certain duties delegated to me.

One of which is planning our upcoming Founder's Day celebration, which recognizes and honors our founding sisters.  This will be one of the first official parties I am planning, and I couldn't be more excited.  

Why, might you ask?

  Planning this party has given me plenty of excuses to spend hours looking for adorable ideas on Pinterest, the online pinboard site.  While my budget is not nearly as extreme as my eyes wish, it has been lovely procrastination from finals.  Pinterest gives you the chance to find virtually any idea, and hundreds of options based on a few key words.  You then can "pin" the photos you like best to online boards you create.  It's quite addicting, and I can't seem to stop finding things to pin.

Look at some of the cute things I have found:

A gorgeous cake fit for a Sigma Sigma Sigma lady!

Cupcake royalty for Zeta Tau Alpha sisters! 

The cutest anchor accessories make this bouquet perfect for Delta Gamma or Alpha Sigma Tau!

These arrows would complement any Pi Beta Phi "angel's" cupcake!

These are just a few of many amazing ideas I've found for a variety of sororities.  Now, if only I was as creative enough to recreate some of these things....

Would you like to plan a party with ideas like this? What are some of the cutest things you have found on Pinterest?