Happy Birthday Suri Cruise!  The media's favorite celebrity kiddo/fashionista turns 6 today.

I just can't deny my love for the children of celebrities. Topping my list of favorite little ones is Suri Cruise. That girl dresses better than I could ever hope to, and has worn more high heels in her 6 years than I have in my 26. I'm not sure what that says about me, but that little lady has it going on!

Suri reportedly has a shoe collection worth $150,000 that includes custom Marc Jacobs and Louboutins. Her closet is filled with designer names and $25,000 tiaras. Here are the facts: I'm crazy jealous of a 6-year-old. I'll admit that, sort of. I'm jealous of her shoe collection at the very least. She is just too cute!

So, in honor of her sixth birthday, here are my 8 favorite looks Suri has had over the past 6 years:

There is actually a whole blog dedicated to Suri's fashion, you can check it out here.

Which look is your favorite?