Okay, I can't even begin to take credit for this. I have thank BuzzFeed for their enduring ability to pull nonsense out of the Internet's charged particles and make it into absolute gold. GOLD. So primer here if you aren't old enough to know what Glamour Shots are (are they still around? God I hope not): They were mall studios where you had soft-focus pictures taken of yourself int the -ahem- latest fashions. Truth be told, they were any woman's way to channel their favorite character from Dynasty; and in my case it meant lime green polyester and a gap-toothed grin, nestled in the '90s bob from hell. Unfortunately I don't have my Glamour Shots to show you, but I do have 12 tips on how you could — ostensibly — get the most out of your session. Take a look

1. Hold your collar. It's like the new (old) way to hold your suspenders with pride. American pride, in this case.

2. Wear silk gloves. Because nothing says glamour like borrowing a page from the Disney princesses.

3. Rock a feather boa. It's like your high school senior portraits, but all sauced up, PG-13 style. Work it, girl!

4. Work those hands. Did I say Dynasty? I might've meant Designing Women. Peeearrrls.

Check out the rest in the gallery — and more examples in the full post here. I hope these bring you as much pleasure as they do for me. I don't know if I'd feel alright poking fun if I didn't have my own awesomely bad ones lying around somewhere. But I mean, sometimes you just can't deny yourself a little glamour.

Did you ever take Glamour Shots?