We all have our embarrassing high school photos. (Mine involves fire-engine red hair, in case you were curious.) But the ever-chic Michelle Obama somehow managed to take a rather foxy prom night shot. Check it out after the cut!

The photo was revealed on Ellen this week, where the host "retaliated" for losing a push-up contest against Michelle by airing this shot. Though Ellen was kind enough to show her own prom photo as well:

Dang, Michelle (sorry, Ellen, I have no words for you)! Way to rock a head-turning dress! At my prom, we weren't allowed to wear strapless gowns, much less ones with ultra-high slits. I settled for a shiny silver number with a shawl, which was not quite as memorable as this.

What do you think of Michelle's dress? What did you wear to prom?

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