It's been a while since we've seen a preteen music video as awful as Rebecca Black's notorious single "Friday." For those who miss the head-shaking, giggles and bewilderment that you probably experienced when first watching Black's video, we have an even worse one to make your day. Check out "Hot Problems" after the cut!

Yes, this was awful. My friend was in the room while I watched it, and she left just to avoid hearing the grating vocals. And no one likes to hear pretty girls complain about how hard life is being pretty. (As a big-chested lady, I learned to shut up about the problems that come along with my bra size a long time ago.) But...dare I say that they bring up some half-baked, almost-decent points? If this were a well-written essay about how being pretty doesn't make you a party girl or an idiot, few would bat an eyelash, and some would probably applaud it. Now, these gals aren't getting the message across with the right humility or in the right medium, and there's probably no need to compose a thesis on the content of "Hot Problems." But perhaps we could learn a lesson or two from it...or just weep for the state of humanity instead. Either option is valid. [via Huffington Post]

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