I splurged and spent $40 on a necklace last week. While I immensely enjoy the piece of jewelry, I did have a bit of buyer's remorse after my purchase. It was little, however, compared to the guilt I would feel over spending $20,000 on a sports bra (and not just because I don't exercise nearly enough to justify such a purchase). But Britney Spears has been rocking this new, expensive workout gear; check it out further after the cut!

Britney wears the bra (which is made by a company called Body Rock) in her new advertisement for the game Twister Dance. It has an 18K gold zipper, an 18K gold tassel "with diamond-eyed skulls and hand-cut Swarovski crystal hearts" and a front and back encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Oh, and it's made from silk. Would anyone want to get sweat on this? The bra's creator says she's sold five of them so far, so apparently a few people would. [via Fashionista]

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