Wedding season is upon us! Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid or just attending a wedding this spring/summer, here are some fun ideas for bridal showers. 

This Sunday, I'm going to a bridal shower (actually photographing the event) that has a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme. The bride is super excited for her special themed party. 

Although my wedding is not until next September, I am already excited for my bridal shower. This is the day that is truly all about the bride. Although some presents are for the bride and groom, the day is focused around the bride. A lot of brides have been making their bridal showers more personal and fun. No longer are these events just a boring party where the guests play games and win little prizes. Bridal showers have turned into fun events with cool and interesting themes.

When thinking about bridal showers, I'd love to throw or attend one that has either of these three themes:

1. Candy theme (shown above) I really think this theme fits me personally. I love sweets, and I love the way the candy looks in the glass jars. The colors are so fun and bright! With this option, the bride can choose from lots of candy options. And if the bride wishes, she could color coordinate her candy to match her wedding colors. How fun?!

2. Tea party (shown below) This option works best for girly girls or girls who love tea. The bride could incorporate cupcakes into this theme as well as a nice tea pitcher and beautiful tea cups. This works great for vintage brides! I find cheap tea cups at thrift stores all the time. (Just make sure to was the cups before using them.)

3. Tiffany blue theme If the bride loves Tiffany and Co., then this is the best option. You can have so much fun with a Tiffany themed party. You can have Tiffany blue cupcakes, cakes, juice, etc. And as for favors, you can put Tiffany blue hair pins (or Tiffany jewelry if your budget allows) in bright blue boxes. What a cute idea?!
These are just some fun ideas that I personally like.

What ideas do you like for bridal showers?

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