I know I should want to say things like, "Can't Courtney Stodden just go away?" and, "Why is the media giving her all this attention?". But I honestly just can't. Sorry. Because, while things like this "sexy tomato" video do make me confused, disturbed and a little grossed out, they're just so darn entertaining. Human beings love a spectacle, and Courtney is a walking definition of the term.

Watch her strange video after the cut, and then try and tell me you're not weirdly entertained on some level.

Her face is... mesmerizing. How does it look like that? And make those expressions? Also, I'm not sure I've ever heard Stodden speak before, but I'm not surprised by how she sounds. Thankfully she is still a teenager, and has her twenties to undo her current mistakes (like we all do). [via Buzzfeed]

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