Last week, we talked about celeb style at the Coachella Music Festival. But what about the other 99% of the population: the average festival goer, just like you and me? What are the masses wearing out in California?

Fact: They are wearing styles even the stars would be jealous of. Check out more festival style in the gallery below!

Coachella street style is giving us a mix of everything this year: from California cool to casual and quirky, these ladies bring out a real sense of themselves in what they wear. I've got to say, I dig all of the lace being linked in with these outfits. Someday I hope I can make it out to to India to get my groove on and learn a few fashion tricks myself!

Lovelies, what's been your favorite Coachella look? Has it been from a celeb or just a "normal" festival goer?

Via: Refinery29