The question instantly gets my imagination spinning. I mean, I seldom remember dreams, and when I do it's often because they were awful... or just really weird. But what if you could control them? Well, two guys, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Bitbanger Industries in NYC wanted to know, too. Their answer is Remee, the first ever affordable and comfortable lucid dreaming mask. Frivolous? Maybe. Intriguing? Definitely.

Did you watch the video? Sometimes I'm just blown away by what pops up on Kickstarter. These guys are so serious! I have admit though, I'm a little leery. Maybe it's because my boyfriend and I have been watching Supernatural on Netflix lately; there was an episode about controlling your dreams, and let's just say it didn't end well. But I guess this is real life, and controlling your dreams, at least the way they make it sound, seems like ultimate freedom. But could that be?

I mean, from a skeptical standpoint, I'm a really light sleeper. The little red lights are supposed to wake my brain up but not my body — so I know it's time to take the wheel — but it'd be pretty disappointing if it just woke me up instead. Also, have any of you ever had an episode of sleep paralysis? It's when your body and your brain are in different stages of being asleep and awake, and everything you imagine seems real. Like, really real. Oh yeah, and you can't move. It's how a lot of people account for things like ghost sightings and alien abductions. From personal experience, it's downright terrifying if you don't know what's going on. I could totally see those little lights throwing off my sleep-jive and dropping me into something like that, instead of some heavenly dream-world where I'm the boss.

Clearly I'm no scientist. My armchair speculations are just that, speculations, but I'm still not sure what state of mind I'd need to be in to throw $80-$140 at the possibility that I could turn my shuteye time into Adventure Time. But it does make you think: what if these things catch on? Might we see them in SkyMall in the near future? Or perhaps on the As Seen On TV aisle at CVS? When the prices drop, they'd make a hell of a stocking stuffer.

Would you ever try a lucid dreaming mask? What would you do if you really could control your dreams?