Kim Kardashian recently earned a bit of media attention (what's new?) for a possible hickey she was sporting after a date with Kanye West. In theory, most people should retire the habit of getting marked in this matter after 8th grade, but mistakes do happen! Which is why we have a list of 5 possible hickey cures, just in case things get a bit too frisky.

1. A lipstick cap. Apparently putting a lipstick cap over the hickey, applying pressure and twisting repeatedly moves the blood away from the surface of the skin, thus reducing the hickey's appearance.

2. A toothbrush. Moving a toothbrush in circles over the hickey can supposedly reduce its appearance, though using too much pressure could make it worse!

3. A coin. This sounds pretty painful, but if you're desperate it could be worth a shot. Stretch the skin over the hickey taut, then scrape it with the edge of a coin, "like the hickey was butter on toast." You have to do this hard and with plenty of pressure, which could hurt a bit!

4. Toothpaste. Apparently oral hygiene products are particularly good for hickeys. Put toothpaste on the spot, let it dry, wipe it off and then re-apply.

5. Tea bags. Get a tea bag wet with warm water, and then place it over the hickey. Repeat as needed!

What do you think of these cures? Have you tried any? Do you have any hickey cures? [via Yahoo and Wikihow]

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