Okay, fine I'll say it. Tramp Stamp. It's an ugly term, like a "wife-beater" tank or something of that nature. Of course we don't mean to insinuate that any of these celebs are tramps — we don't know them personally — but they do all have an affinity for ink, right at the small of their backs. Such a tattoo is universally acknowledged as the one most girls did in a moment of lapsed judgment, but some girls can rock them! Take a look at these famous lower backs and tell us who you think rocks the TS and who... might've had one too many on Spring Break some years back. 

Britney, above, rocks a little fairy on her lower back, and there are more where that came from. Have a look at a dozen more and tell us:

Can celebrities pull off the lower-back tat? Or are they just an across the board no-no?

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