Who can not feel happiness when they lay there eyes on a vase of sunflowers or a field of budding daffodils? There is nothing that helps me forget my worries more than a beautiful spring flower. I can not even begin to explain the overwhelming happiness I feel at just the sight of a budding sunflower.  I was happy to find out that there is scientific research to explain the instantaneous mood boost that accompanies my spotting of bright yellow spring flowers.

According to the Huffington Post, there is scientific research about how the color yellow (and yellow spring flowers!) can boost your mood: A 2007 experiment analyzed how people behaved at cocktail parties hosted in three different colored rooms (yellow, red and blue). The party-goers in the yellow room were more lively and talkative compared with those in the other colored rooms. Although I can not paint the walls of my apartment (boo!) I think I will buy a bouquet of yellow spring flowers to boost my mood! 

Do you like the color yellow? What boosts your mood?