I'm a sucker for a kitchen project that looks like you spent forever on it — and tastes like it — but that hardly took any effort at all. I'm also (you might already know) a big fan of frozen treats. So I've decided that this summer will be the summer I crack into home popsicle experimenting. Why? Because popsicles are expensive, and we spend a lot of money on them, my boyfriend and I. Also, we have a juicer... it's kind of silly that we haven't gotten into it already. So, join me as I explore some adorable and delicious-sounding popsicle ideas, and maybe you'll get inspired, too! 

Oh, hello. What are you? A kiwi orange creamsicle pop? Color me smitten. There's nothing quite so refreshing and satisfying as citrus and vanilla together. Yum.

You had me at avocado. These pops are supposed to be surprisingly sweet... and unsurprisingly creamy and delicious. Any avocado devotees in the house? I'm pretty obsessed.

Nutella fudgesicles? I'll admit, it's more polite than spooning it into my mouth from the jar. Sounds delicious!

While these look like a lot of work, each color really is a different flavor, so I bet they're magical. Double Rainbow pops.

Strawberry yogurt pops sound like I'd probably black out and eat all of them in a sitting. Oops, in advance.

Coffee and Kahlua popsicles rival the Nutella fudgesicles for ultimate indulgence. I mean, coffee popsicles are a great idea, but alcohol kind of negates any caffeine benefits I might gain.

While we're at it, why not try these Dirty Pirate Popsicles? Rum, Kahlua, and Coca Cola? There's nothing at all good for you in there. But what a great party treat!

For a final thought, we scratch the surface of chocolate-dipping things. I... think that's breaking the rules, but... I'll allow it! Happy eating!

What are your favorite home-made frozen treats?

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