My guy says, "Well, don't you look nice today?" And I say, "Aww thanks." Then a girl compliments me by saying, "Oh, I love your shoes!" And I say, "OMG! Really? Thanks so much! I got these on sale..." (and the conversation keeps going).

What causes this difference in reactions? 

 Maybe I'm the only who has situations like the hypothetical one above. Maybe not. Anyways, I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about the secret to getting compliments, and a lot of people voiced their opinions. While many girls said they do not like being showered by compliments, one comment by P0RCELA1N_D0LL really stood out to me. She explained how girls really are and how it feels when you get a compliment form another girl by saying:

I like getting compliments from other women because they are usually catty, so when one does compliment me, it seems rare, and omg you actually have something nice to say about me[.] Some lady said that she wants to look like me because I look so good to her so a female admits their jealousy and admiration for me.

It's sad, but true. While not all girls are "catty," some are. And I'm not sure about you, but I don't get an abundance of compliments from girls. When I do, they usually want to know something. Whether they want to know what hair products I use to make my hair shiny or where I got my cute bag, it always seems that they want something in return for the compliment they just gave me.

Yet, I still enjoy being complimented by other girls. They're not always trying to get something in return for their compliment. Sometimes, girls just compliment other girls to show that they appreciate the effort you put forth in your appearance.

Do you act differently when girls compliment you?

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