For every winner, there are inevitably losers, and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is no exception. While we ogle Zeddie's fortunate face and the Internet praises him for improving everything he touches, so too must we ultimately focus our crosshairs on the less fortunate. Case in point: Tries Really Hard Girl

Let's start by pointing out that this is Web-victimization at its most cruel because, hello — there is nothing wrong with this girl. Other than the fact that she's in the picture with a guy whose hair happens to bounce with the grace of a thousand Pegasus, she's just a girl trying to win a race. And need we point out: she's beating Mr. Photogenic. But, therein lies the M.O. of the meme: She's not the worst. She's just unlucky to have been caught in the now-famous photo with Zeddie's now-famous face.

The only lamentable part of this is that I had faith in the noble purity of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. But no, the Internet is predatory — and we yet again find ourselves laughing shamefully at someone we don't know. (Still, though, it's kind of funny.)

So: Tries Really Hard Girl. What do you think, too far or still funny?