I've heard so much good stuff about B.B. creams, but two months ago I had never even heard of such a thing. I did some research and tried some products. Keep reading to see if they're worth the price. 

I found out about B.B. creams from Lovelyish. I wrote a post over a month ago about some of my favorite beauty products, and a commenter suggested that I try B.B. creams. She said they were all the rage in Asia.

Since then, I have heard so many more good things about them. And I've seen multiple advertisements for these miracle creams. I am very skeptical so I thought this was all a scam. I was like, "This is too good to be true." 

Well, I have good news. The other day I got my monthly Cosmopolitan issue in the mail, and I was surprised to find a sample of B.B. cream with it and a coupon for the product. I was super excited! I love getting free samples! And this time, there were two samples. I got to try Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream in light/medium and medium/deep.

Yesterday, I tried the medium/deep sample but it was too dark for my complexion. But my skin looked so radiant, and I got hit on! (I haven't got hit on in months!) Today, I opted for the light/medium, and it is perfect.

I am so pleased with this cream that I am buying some today! Not only does this cream make my skin radiant, it covers better than any foundation I've ever used. It combines everything in one. I don't need concealer, primer, moisturizer or foundation. I just need this cream!! It stays on all day and keeps my skin looking so fresh and dewy. I love it. The Garnier brand B.B. cream sells for about $12. But considering that it puts everything in one, that is really cheap. (Right now, I pay $11 just for primer.) 

This cream also smooths skin and helps even out skin-tone. I can't wait to buy this product!

Have you tried a B.B. cream? What B.B. creams do you like?

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