Stars like Megan Fox wear baseball hats quite often and look so effortlessly stylish. Not only can celebs pull off this look, you can too. Y

I'm all about fashion and beauty, but some days I just need a break. I still feel cute when I wear a baseball hat, and I've actually heard from a lot of guys that they like it when girls wear baseball hats!

Anyways, when wearing a baseball hat, make sure that the rest of your outfit matches with the hat. You don't want to wear something dressy with a baseball hat. Go for a more casual look. As for your outfit, jeans (or shorts) and a tee, tank or hoodie go well with a baseball hat.

And don't overdo it on your makeup. Nothing is worse than trying to look casual with a baseball hat and then pairing it with a complete caked-on face. Not pretty! Go for more subtle makeup and loose, messy hair. Either pull it up or leave it down. Either way, don't stress about how your hair looks. It's under a hat anyways. 

If the stars can pull off this look, so can you. Check out the gallery to see some celebs baseball hat styles.

Do you wear baseball hats?  How do you like them?

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