Today I read an interesting post by @xxxlovelylollipop: "I'm not a feminist...I'm a lady."  She said she's a not a feminist because she likes typical "lady-like things," like being a pretty wife who is bad at math and likes to read romance novels.

At first I thought the post was a little tongue-in-cheek because she said that she didn't believe in equality for genders.  In the end I’m still not sure if she’s joking but something definitely needs to be clarified, just in case she was serious.  

Equality does not necessarily mean “sameness.”  Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to wear butch clothing, be proficient in high level calculus, and regularly read articles published by The Economist. The feminist movement aimed to end the disenfranchisement of women who were treated like second-class citizens. It’s about recognizing the individuality of a woman and rewarding her justly regardless of her gender, about allowing her the freedom to express her individuality and not relegating her to certain roles.  I think we can all agree with that, even if there are those of us that aspire to be June Cleaver.

In fact, my mother is a feminist. But she was a stay at home mom who loved to cook, wear pretty dresses and generally embraced her role as a housewife.  And any man who believes a woman has rights is also a feminist as well. 

I know the word “feminist” has become a dirty word in some circles, but even most of those people I would wager do not want to take away a woman’s right to vote.  Or disagree that they should be respected as a human being and are not property.

So are you an anti-feminist? Do you believe women shouldn’t vote, that they don’t have a right to their individuality and should be treated as property?

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