A few posts ago, I was lamenting my inability to deal with my hair. My hair was frizzy and out of control. Since that post, I've done a few things...and I've had some decent results.

Here's an embarrassing fact: I go ages between hair cuts. Yes, I am an alleged beauty blogger. Yes, I know better. I don't have an excuse for the huge lapses between cuts...I guess it's just laziness. I'd finally had it with my split ends, I scheduled an hour+ with my stylist to refresh my highlights, trim away my dead, split ends, and give my hair some shape. That helps...a lot!

I have also been trying out a few different products (on different days...I don't use these all together...all at once).  Here's what's been on my hair rotation:

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil: Available at big box stores for about $8.  A little bit of this oil goes a long way, so my bottle has really lasted a long time.  I put it in my hair when I just get out of the shower, and it seems to make my hair much smoother after I'm done blow drying.

Sebastian Potion 9 Light: Available in salons and online for less than $17.  I love the way this smells and make my hair feel.  It provides a flexible hold, lasting moisture and styling manageability.  I spray it on before blow drying, and it give my hair a polished, finished look.

Verb Finishing Polish: On sale now at Ulta (with a whole line of nice hair products) for $12.  After my hair is dried and styled, I run a small dollop through my hair, concentrating mostly on the ends.  It really helps control the flyaways, taming split ends and frizz. 


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Lovelies, how do you battle frizzy hair? What are you favorite products and tools?

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