Oh good golly gee, the past few days have been kind of...weird to say the very least. I don't feel the need to divulge any personal details on here nor do I want to, but sometimes life just kind of sucks. I mean, I'm pretty optimistic about pretty much everything, but there are some things that are just kind of hard to hear and some things you don't want to hear.

Long story short, I still have a lot of growing up to do and figuring out to do. I think that's everyone though. Every day is a new day to learn something new, to evolve, to change...hopefully for the better. Ahhh... and when I'm having a particularly bad day, sometimes I do the opposite of throwing myself a pity party and put on a pair of heels, fix my hair, and wear polka dots.

Speaking of heels, can I just add how much I frickin love these shoes! Such a good basic pair of black heels. I love that the heel is slightly chunky and the shoe has a bit of a platform, so your weight is a bit more evenly disperse and they're not killing my feet by the end of the day.

Earrings // Upper Metal Class via Shop Myrtle in Silver Lake.
Necklace // Adorevintage
Blouse // UO (like you guys really need the link)
Cardigan // Thrifted
Trousers // Library on Larchmont
Platforms // Loefller Randall - Edith (suede)

Lovelies, what vintage (or vintage inspired) items do you like to wear frequently?

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