is an elusive character. Weightlessness, bounce, it has a lot of names. During the winter we're battling the static cling of dry air, but in spring we quickly remember the difference between volume... and frizz. Thanks, humidity. Between sunscreens, humid air, and a lot more hair-touching than in cold weather, a fresh blow-out can look like a wilted mess in a hurry without the right defenses. I know I fight this battle with my fine and thin locks, but every hair type can experience a lack of control in the warmer months. So let's take a look at 5 products that might help answer your balmy-weather woes. 

Colored Hair Powder. The biggest complaint I hear from clients in regards to dry shampoo is that it's white. Who has white hair? Not the majority of us. In fact, the gals with naturally oily hair are typically those with darker hair, so what's an exotic beauty to do? Luckily, Bumble and Bumble listened, and they've released colored hair powders. Freaking brilliant. And, as you can expect from any Bb product, the quality is second to none. Greasy roots: solved. Available here.

Verb Finishing Polish. I use this every day that I wear my hair down. I apply it after putting a few waves in my ends with a flat iron. It has weightless shine because of the Argan oil in it, and it has a tiny amount of hold, so my curls stay fresh. I can touch my hair all day and it keeps it from getting tangly and messy. It's excellent for fine hair like mine. Available here.

It's a 10 Leave-In Miracle Product
. The number-one enemy of effortless volume is visible damage. But hiding damaged ends isn't as hard as it sounds. Sure, regular trims are essential, but your hair is incurring damage any time you so much as touch it, so there's no avoiding at least a little damage. Dry ends will thank you for using this leave-in. It helps with all hair textures, even the most kinky-curly, to keep hair shiny and healthy-looking. Girls with tangles, look no further. Available here, and in most Ulta stores.

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
. For ladies with colored hair, worried about using clarifiers to reduce buildup at the risk of your vibrancy, Pureology is the gold standard of color-protection shampoos and conditioners. In fact, it's all they do. But their volume collection in particular is 100% Vegan and sulfate free, and is super concentrated for maximum results without pouring half the bottle on your head. This combo rinses super clean and leaves your hair feeling bouncy and refreshed, every time. It might be pricey, but if you're already spending the money on your color, don't throw it away with a crappy shampoo. Available by searching here, and at most Ulta stores.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream
. So, you heard the news about the Brazilian keratin treatments being somewhat, kinda life-threatening. So how do we achieve silky locks without inhaling formaldehyde? There are tons of keratin conditioners out there, but few that are recommended to use every day. Redken Heavy Cream feels like heaven on your hair, and has a similar chemical compound to the crazy keratin treatments, sans deadly chemicals. So it seals the cuticle of your hair from humidity, and protects it against heat, while concealing less-than perfect ends. This is a great deep conditioner for all hair types, colored or not. Available here, and at most Ulta stores.

Girls who do well not to wash their hair, more power to you! If you can achieve volume and sheen without the aid of shampoos and styling products, I envy you. But these are my go-to's in the business to keep my clients' hair sustainably shiny and healthy-looking, without buildup.

What are your go-to products in the warmer months? Have you tried any of these?

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