Considering I have an entire shed filled with vintage clothes (for my Etsy store, promise!), it's probably not surprising that I enjoy Mad Men for much more than its drama. This week had some choice outfits, and I've compiled my favorites here!

1. Megan and Andrea's dresses. Looking above, I don't know if I like Megan's striped purple dress or Andrea's orange and yellow combo better. While the latter is fun, I think I'm leaning towards Megan's classic 'do and more subtle outfit.

2. Joan's head wrap. I'm a huge fan of wearing unusual head accessories; turbans and wraps are a large part of my wardrobe (especially on bad hair days). Joan's piece gave serious zing to her plain "cooking for the hubby" ensemble, and it inspired me to wear one today!

3. Joan's floral dress. Last time, I was all about Megan's striking 60s fashion, but Joan is taking center stage this week! This black dress fits her perfectly in all the right places, and the floral print adds a sweet touch to a sexy silhouette. Perfect for welcoming a jerky husband home from war!

4. Peggy's green dress. This is borderline not-cute (a lighter green would be better, but hey, it's the 60s), but I still like it. The white trim and big buttons are adorable, and the scarf adds a cute-but-professional flare.

5. Joan's hot red number. I wasn't able to find a shot of this entire dress, but golly it's amazing. The neckline, flashy broach and gathered waist (not pictured) are all just stunning. I need this in my life.

What were your favorite outfits from the episode?

[Images from Fashionista and Buzzfeed]