It's been said that Courtney Stodden's ultimate dream — now that she's knocked out getting married, pledging allegiance to PETA, and being generally ridiculous — is to model for Playboy. While we're not sure if old Hef would touch that with a ten foot pole, Stodden wasn't going to let a golden opportunity like Easter pass her by without channeling her inner "bunny." Take a look. 

Stodden is still only 17 (somewhere under all that iridescent lipliner) until August 29 of this year, so she still has time to practice. But it appears she's willing to not only model, but also art-direct her own shoots. She's seen here hunting for eggs in the engine of a Jeep (obviously?), and romping in the woods with her PETA-protected animal pals. (In some pictures you can see a bag of some PETA-brand vegan noms.) Although this appears to be a nod at her potential future as a centerfold, it's definitely not the first time Stodden has taken seasonal inspiration into consideration for her DIY photo shoots. She was reportedly booted from a pumpkin patch last October for arriving too scantily clad. Oh, Courtney.

Check out the more from the shoot in the gallery.

What do you think of Courtney's aspirations to be a Playboy bunny? Do you think Playboy would associate themselves with her? 

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