When I was in school, we called them "chucks." But they're the original All Stars sneaker from Converse. All the scenesters and emo kids rocked them everywhere from class to prom, in every color imaginable. They had an irresistible iconic quality to them, and the price was right. Their appeal wasn't just to my little subculture, though. Sharp dressing kids could be seen in chucks kept in their most pristine form, while we made every effort to dirty ours up. Now they're seeing a revival (did they ever really leave?) as the classic shoe of the next generation. And guess what — they're just like you remember them. 

The shoes were originally created in 1917 to capitalize on the sudden popularity of basketball. The high-top sneakers were an instant hit. Chuck Taylor, a basketball player on Converse's "All Stars" team increased their popularity and helped to refine the design of the shoe. "Chucks" even found their way into the Olympics and were also issued by the military for soldiers in training during World War II [via]. The sneakers have been around the block, and now they're adding that vintage charm to high fashion, too.

Which is more classic: black or white? The white, with red and blue accents, is becoming the understated staple for a crisp spring ensemble. Tip for those of you wanting to keep them looking spankin' new: Try Oxy-clean. That way you don't yellow them or cause unnecessary wear with chlorine bleach.

Black has always been the M.O. of a more rebellious gal, but wearing them can be just enough to give a cute outfit an edge.

High-tops are perfect for adding a little bit of school-boy appeal to your look.

Pastel colors are a hit for spring, but can transcend seasons if you choose to make them the bright focal point of a more understated outfit.

I might have to spring for a new pair — mine are a little worn out, don't you think? Le sigh... so hard to part with them. I've had them for 10 years! You can shop all the styles or create your own at their website.

Check out the gallery for more ways to wear your chucks!

Do you have fond memories of Converse All Stars? Are you thinking about rocking them now?

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