High-heeled sneakers have become all the rage lately, thanks to Marc Jacobs (happy birthday!). The heels, wedged into true sneaker style give an athletic edge to a chic shoe. In response, a shoe company has created the heel-silhouette sneaker:

Be&D have created the Bright Light Big City Sneaker to the delight of girly sneaker fans everywhere!

The sneakers are available in white and black with different colored silhouettes. And unlike Marc Jacob's sneaker heels, these kicks let you walk flat on your feet, no extra-height included.
I'm a definite fan of the black background and white silhouette. It plays a little trick on your eyes, making it a bit harder to see. And paired with black pants? Well, people may think it's a real shoe after all, without the painful feet after a night out.

Check them out online at Moda Operandi!

Lovelies, what do you think of the silhouette heel sneakers? Do you like them or are they too much like those printed tuxedo shirts?