A glistening apricot sunrise cuts a mighty path across the Tuscan sky. #Italy #Tuscany #sunrise #beautiful #landscape #photography
I found this neat site: Beautiful Day Brian.  Here's how it works:

Hi! I'm Brian.  I'll e-mail you in the morning if it's going to be a beautiful day.  Just imagine waking up with an e-mail telling you that today, for sure, is going to be full of sunshine and awesomeness.  Not a perfectly beautiful day? No e-mail. Out of sight, out of mind. 

He had me at "beautiful day."  Today it is sunny and 57 degrees in Brooklyn, and I didn't get an email.  I guess it's not a beautiful day...  I wish I could tell the site, "email me if the day is slightly crappy as long as it's sunny and not windy; I have low expectations, so that's ok too."  Maybe that will come later.  

Anyway, whenever it's a beautiful day, I try to get out a little bit and enjoy the weather.  Maybe this afternoon I'll take a stroll to the local coffee shop and get an iced coffee.

Is it a beautiful day for you today?  What do you do when the weather is nice?

The gorgeous photo above of a Tuscan sunrise can be found at The Smuggler's Flickr here