It's Monday night. I'm tired, my roommates are complaining about how tired they are and I'll bet you're tired, too. So how are we supposed to make it through the four days ahead of us, Lovelies? I have an answer: cats. Cats dressed in costumes. Because cats are always the answer. Before they were the subject of silly memes on the Internet, cats were entertaining our forefathers. Check out some goofy, antique shots of felines after the cut!

1800s photographer Harry Whittier Frees actually made the art of taking silly cat photos into a career, and produced the following gems:

Aaaah, I already feel better; what about you? That shot of the kittens riding horses deserves to be framed in my house. Actually, I think all of these need to be hung on my wall. I will happily embrace the "crazy cat lady" stigma for doing so.

[via i09]