Ok that's not the name of the documentary — it's "Part Of Me 3D" — but "thank you for believing in my weirdness" is the best line in this intriguing trailer for Katy's documentary:  

I didn't realize that she grew up in a "100% Christian" household, and that she started off as a Christian singer.  She said that she opened up emotionally in her documentary, partly as a tribute to Madonna's 1991 documentaryTruth or Dare.

"Madonna is everything to me, and that movie is amazing, because it caught her at a time when she was a bit more vulnerable," she explained.  "I wanted to do that too, to capture a snapshot of who I am now so that I can remind myself what I've lost if I ever do become totally jaded."

The "concert documentary" is coming out on Independence Day, July 4th.  Appropriate perhaps, given her recent emancipation from marriage... which is covered in the documentary.

Would you check out Katy's documentary?

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