We're all familiar with a certain feeling that Internet humor gives us: It feels like, "I shouldn't laugh. It's mean. But it's really funny, plus I don't know the person." Memes that bring about such feelings include Bad Luck Brian and Scumbag Steve, and the newest Web-whipping-boy, People Hate Me For Being Beautiful Woman. But in some surprising turn of nobility, the Internet is out for redemption — its weapon of choice? Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

His name is Zeddie Little. He was photographed running a 10K race in Charleston, South Carolina, and subsequently named Internet royalty on the website Reddit. You have to admit, he looks pretty great for being in the middle of a long-distance run. I'm not tired of looking at him. The meme images themselves, in the aforementioned departure from all things typical, talk about Zeddie as if he possessed the Midas touch to make all things suddenly awesome and good-looking. Check out some of my favorites that have surfaced lately in the gallery.

So the Internet has proven that the masses have diverse interests; they don't just want to rag on things, they actually want to talk about absurdity. In this case that means how absurdly photogenic this guy is. And now Zeddie Little gets to live his life as the dude who has been pronounced tirelessly beautiful. Can't argue with that, Internet. [via knowyourmeme]

So, do you think he's really that photogenic or hot?