Hair dye is fun, but dangerous. There are so many great hair colors that are appropriate for weekends on the town, but may not be acceptable in the workplace. Colored streaks and dip-dyed ends are examples of two cool, quirky trends that are often neglected because of their semi-permanence and unprofessional nature. But fear not, Lovelyish hair experimenters! There is a new, fun way to go crazy with hair color and still maintain your chic Monday morning office look. Now hit up your local craft store and head straight for the pastel aisle, because you’re going to need some chalk. Hair chalking is a commitment-free way to add splashes of color to your hair.  

You need:

  • soft pastel chalk (inexpensive, and found at craft stores such as Michael’s or Jo-Anns)
  • a spray bottle of water
  • a straightener or curling iron
  • rubber gloves


  1. Be sure you’re wearing an old shirt that you won’t mind chalking!
  2. Spray water on the section of hair that you wish to dye. It can be a one-inch piece, multiple sections, or just the tips of your hair. Be creative! (note: if you have blonde hair,do not wet before chalking, as this will stain the hair and increase the color’s permanence. For a one-day wear, blondies, chalk dry. If you don’t mind a few days’ color, though, then wetting the hair is okay. Brunettes need the water, as this releases more pigment in the chalk and allows it to show on dark hair.)
  3. Color on the hair with the pastel of your choice. Note that this stuff gets everywhere, so a towel on the floor will help prevent a mess. Twist the hair as you color, as this releases more pigment in the chalk. 
  4. Wait for the hair to air-dry.
  5. Once hair is dry, go over the colored pieces with the curling iron or straightener. This helps the color last longer.

Chalking Tips

  • Be sure to get soft chalk pastels, not oil pastels. Oil pastels will feel sticky and be a lot harder to remove.
  • Note that the color will rub off on your clothes over the course of the day, so wear a color similar to your chosen pastels. An updo is also a cute way to wear any color and avoid staining your clothes
  • Before showering, brush your hair. This will get rid of most of the chalk.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo after washing out chalk. Doing this will replenish the moisture that the chalk’s powder absorbed from your hair. 

Have you ever chalked your hair before? What were your results like?

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