is a network dedicated to programming specifically for the LGBT audience. Their annual awards show for the latest and greatest in the community, aptly titled NewNowNext, is an opportunity to not only recognize those public figures making an impact on behalf of LGBT's everywhere, but also for some wild red carpet fashion. The NewNowNext awards are an occasion to don outlandish and bright ensembles, loud and proud. The awards show featured stars from Miss BubbleGoth herself, Kerli pictured above, to Toddlers In Tiaras' Eden Wood on the red carpet — you just have to look for yourself. 

From icons of the transgender community to fashion designers, gay celebs, and just supporters of the community, the crowd was anything but boring. Some of my favorites included:

We all know about my love affair with Andrej Pejic. Could he be more beautiful?!

Eden Wood and Perez Hilton seen to know one another. How adorable.

Kelly Osbourne
, looking fabulous as usual.

I admit I'm rewatching Queer Eye on Netflix right now, so it's good to see Jai Rodriguez out and about.

China Chow. This one made me laugh out loud. I guess if there were an appropriate occasion to wear a rainbow-hair extension dress, this would be it. 

I don't know about you, but I wish I'd been invited! If the fashion is any indicator of the dynamic of the event, this looks like a night to remember. Check out the gallery for the rest of the craziness and couture.

Whose outfit is your favorite? Did some people go too tame? Or too over the top?

[via buzzfeed]