If you're like me, then you spend way too much money (and time) trying new hair products. But I won't have to keep wasting money anymore! 

I found the hair product I've been looking for all of my life!

TRESemme's Split Remedy Split End Sealing Serum (that's a mouthful) is worth every penny! I bought this product on a whim. I was actually looking for a 30-day NuNaat hair product. But my sister, who is a hairdresser, was with me and told me that the NuNaat product was not healthy for my hair.

Instead, she suggested that I try this new product from TRESemme. Instead of paying $24.99 for the NuNaat, I paid $4.39 plus tax for the TRESemme serum.

At first, I put the serum on my dry hair and thought my hair looked a little greasy. I was a little upset, but then I finally read the directions. I should have read them in the first place. You're supposed to use this on damp hair before blow-drying. The next time I used it, I put it on my damp hair and then blow-dried it. 

After three uses, I noticed a complete difference in my hair. My hair definitely has less split ends than before. I still use this every single day, and I will continue to use it. I think I might try more of the new TRESemme products! If you have damaged hair, I recommend that you try this. It's the only product that has really worked for my damaged hair.

What is your favorite hair product?

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