No, the royal couple has not been cloned. They've been made into wax figures. Well, actually the princess has been added, and her prince has been updated. 

The royal couple's wax figures debuted at Madame Tussaud's Wednesday in London. This is the first ever wax sculpture of the Duchess of Cambridge. As for Prince William, his wax figure was updated. And both wax figures look very realistic. Whoever sculpted these did an amazing job. I had to do a double take. I thought they were the real deal!

The wax figures took four months to make, and they cost 150,000 pounds each. In American dollars that is close to $240,000. The figures were sculpted to represent the couple's official engagement announcement. Back in November 2010, the couple announced their engagement. Kate wore a beautiful blue Issa dress and showed off her stunning sapphire-and-diamond ring, which was formerly late Princess Diana's ring. Due to the angle of the photo, I can't tell if the wax figure is wearing a ring or not.

Three other wax replicas of Kate will debut in Amsterdam, New York and Blackpool. The wax Kate replicas will be wearing the black lace Temperley gown, the purple McQueen gown and the Jenny Packman gown.

The new royal couple wax figures are expected to be the most popular attraction at Madame Tussaud's in London. With their one-year anniversary coming up, what better time for the wax figures to debut?

What do you think of the royal wax couple?

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