This is not "hit or miss" material, and I'll tell you why: Because Rihanna can't possibly be serious. It's like someone dared her to do this, like they said, "Rihanna, so many people out there think you're a fashion goddess, I'll bet you could make pajamas look good on a red carpet." And, well, here they are. 

Rihanna donned these silky PJ's to the Tokyo premiere of her new movie Battleship this week, and I'd say between her gold accessories and her to-die-for skin tone, she's 90% pulling it off. Am I giving her too much credit?

What do you think, lovelies? Do you love or hate Rihanna's tongue-in-chic look? Is she thumbing her nose at the critics? Or do you think she is really trying to start a trend here?

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