Long-standing rumors (which date back to her married days) have been swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating. But gossip-hungry tabloids have been unable to find proof of such an unholy union...until now. In a track released yesterday, Kanye himself more than hints at a relationship with Kim, and even insinuates that they may have been together while she was still with Kris Humphries. Scandalous! Or, it would be, if we weren't talking about Kim and Kanye. Check out his not-so-vague lyrics after the cut!

In his new, oddly-titled track "Theraflu," Kanye raps about how:

And I'll admit fell in love with Kim
Around the same time she fell in love him
Well that's cool
Baby girl do your thing
Lucky I didn't have Jay drop him from the team.

So...apparently Kanye fell in love with Kim while she was with Kris Humphries, but was nice enough to not make Jay-Z (who is a minority owner of the New Jersey Nets) kick him off the team. What a gent! While this could be interpreted as Kanye's unrequited desire for Kim, the two were spotted leaving The Hunger Games together last night...and she was then seen leaving his place this morning.  So, even if they weren't hooking up then, it looks like Kanye's love is being reciprocated now! [via Jezebel]

I think that these two would make an immensely entertaining couple. Everyone loves to despise them both, and I'm pretty sure lots of haters actually love them just a little bit (I think Kanye is asinine and annoying, but I would still enjoy getting dinner with the guy). Personally, I look forward to their sure-to-be very public relationship!

What do you think of Kim and Kanye together?

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