I don’t remember when I first came across the blogFashion for Writers, but I do know it was summertime and that it was a hot sticky afternoon when I fell completely in love with writer and blogger, Jenny Zhang. I sat and read through the entire archives of Fashion for Writers in a matter of hours, and my eyes burned afterward, (as did my flitter-fluttering heart.)

What is it about Jenny and Fashion for Writers that made me—someone who doesn’t normally read or even particularly like fashion blogs—stop and swoon? It’s not just that she’s beautiful and photogenic, or that she possesses a style that is at once fearless and fragile and playful and sharp, pretty but never boring, and distinctly her own. Well, it’s a bit of all of that, but most of what it is is her writing, always thoughtful and always intelligent. She writes about fashion in a way that makes you feel all the knots and tangles of memory and desire and personal history and what fashion can mean and how it fits in the place where these things intersect, and how transformative and powerful a force fashion can be. She makes fashion feel meaningful, something I’d never thought of fashion as being, before I read Fashion for Writers. And she writes about it all in as beautiful and as startling prose as I’ve ever read. Needless to say, I was thrilled when she agreed to do an interview with me.

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