Sometimes we look at celebrities through the lens of Hollywood and the media and we think: "Well, there's a lot of makeup and airbrushing that goes into making them look so much better than I do." And we're okay with that. In fact, most of the time it's true. Unfortunately for our collective egos, however, Beyoncé updated her Tumblr with a sudden barrage of more gorgeous candid photos than I think I've ever had taken of me in my entire life, resulting in ogles of disbelief, followed by due reverence. The woman is unabashedly gorgeous, as if we needed further confirmation. Take a look

Ugh! I mean, sure, it's some sort of base female instinct to want to hate her, but I just can't. Call it celebrity worship or some other unhealthy obsession, but I haven't always given so much thought to Beyoncé. After all, she was seen as the dangerously prideful diva of Destiny's Child in the dawn of her music career, and her public persona was pretty two-dimensional in that way. Since then she's always been fairly private about her personal life, taking an uncomfortable amount of time to even openly admit she was in a relationship with rap mogul Jay-Z. Her Tumblr for her newborn daughter was the first of this kind of openness the public saw from Beyoncé.

And now, I have to hand it to her. If you think about it, the Internet isn't such a great resource for movie stars and musicians in the public eye — mainly because the Internet is the public eye in most cases. Think about it: nude photos leaking, dirty laundry airing, incriminating photos hitting the media and catching fire like kindling — most celebrities would lament the Internet's existence. But Beyoncé chose to do it on her own terms. And while I'm sure someone will always find something not nice to say about a celebrity if they search hard enough, she deserves some kudos for her disciplined approach.

On another note, you might already know how obsessed I am with Beyoncé's sister, Solange, for her incredible personal style. In the photos (see the gallery, and more on her site), there are plenty of appearances by Solange, and it's clear the good looks are genetic. I'll be hitting the "follow" button on her Tumblr, and hoping for more updates soon.

What do you think of these pictures Beyoncé suddenly posted to the Web? Do you think there's a method to her measured openness to her fans?