Were you surprised to hear that James Cameron's Titanic has already been around for ten years? It seems like just yesterday my parents were covering my eyes during the "drawing scene" and telling me to go do something else when Jack and Rose hop in the car. There's to be a 3D version of the film released this month, to commemorate its anniversary. While we can't provide such an in-your-face experience, here are 10 facts about the film that you may not know!

1. On the last night of filming, someone laced the cast and crew's clam chowder with PCP. 80 people on set ended up in the hospital!

2. The studios wanted Matthew McConaughey to play Jack, but James Cameron wouldn't take any actor but Leonardo DiCaprio. I can't be the only one relieved by this, can I?

3. Titanic was the first movie to go on sale while still showing in theaters.

4. James Cameron himself drew all the illustrations in Jack's sketchbook. In the scene where Jack draws Kate, it's Cameron's hand sketching her, not Leo's.

5. When Kate found out she'd have to bare all in front of Leo, she went ahead and flashed him when they first met. You know, just to get any awkward moments out of the way.

6. The dark, frightening ocean Rose, Jack and the passengers float in was actually only several feet deep.

7. The crew only had one shot to film the scene where the grand staircase gets flooded. The set (and its furniture) were all intentionally destroyed in the single take.

8. Though Cameron didn't know it when making the film, there was an actual J. Dawson who died on the Titanic.

9. When Jack tells Kate to, "lie on that bed, uh I mean couch," so he can draw her, that's actually Leo flubbing a line. He was supposed to say, "lie on that couch," but Cameron liked the mistake and left it in.

10. Some theaters literally wore out their reels of the film. Paramount had to then provide them with new ones.

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Did any of these facts surprise you? Will you be seeing Titanic in 3D?

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