If you grew up with me in the '90s, you may remember the overalls we all laughed at numerous times. I remember asking my sisters, "Why would Mom dress me in THAT?!"   But times are changing.  

Dating back to the late 1700s when they were worn by working men and in the early 1900s by working women, overalls were worn for uniformity purposes, not to amp up wardrobes. Once dubbed protective, then fashionable, then embarrassing and now trendy, opinions on overalls have been cyclical in nature. Some love them while others just don't understand how style history is repeating itself. Well, overall lovers are in luck, because the trend has resurfaced in recent months at various places from large-scale department stores to local boutiques.

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Even if you are hesitant to take a stroll down memory lane and don't believe overalls are the right look for you, you may want to try them out anyway! Whether your style is conservative and feminine (like mine) and you adore floral prints, or you rock an emo-grunge exterior with lots of chains, be sure to choose a pair that screams "you." They can be found nowadays in all colors and prints, so finding a pair that speaks to you should not be difficult if you are willing to keep an open mind.

Need inspiration? Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes and many others have been photographed donning these throwbacks and, might I say, looking gorgeous in them. In era of quirky appearances and an "anything goes" attitude, overalls can offer a unique touch that shows you are bold and don't mind taking fashion risks.


Images: Nicole RichieKatie Holmes

You be the judge. Overalls: modernly chic or downright geek?

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